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Hello! I'm Cindy.

I'm an aspiring designer and developer in my second year studying Computer Science at Cornell University. I started my college career on the Environmental Engineering track, unsure of what I really wanted to pursue. Thankfully I discovered Intro to Digital Product Design, a student-run class that helped me fall in love with design as it was the perfect blend of my interests in technology, problem solving, and creative work. This year, I will help co-instruct the course coming full circle and giving back to the community!

At school, I am designing apps with Cornell AppDev, and promoting design education with Medium Design Collective, and fostering inclusion in tech with Women in Computing at Cornell.

I am also a big fan of sustainable fashion 👕, embroidery 🧵, and horticulture🌱.

Feel free to contact me to chat about any of these things at!

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