Hi! I'm Cindy.

I’m in my third year at Cornell majoring in Computer Science. I design and engineer because I love to solve problems and create, whether that’s through front end, user experience, brands with impact, or handmade crafts. Outside of tech, I can be found taking pictures of plants, thrifting, or stitching things for my Etsy store.

How I got here: I started out confused and enrolled in environmental engineering. Soon realized CS was more aligned with how I wanted to build things while also diving deeper into design through Intro to Digital Product Design. I somehow ended up spending all of my time immersed in communities of creatives and designers and am loving it!

What keeps me going: Interesting challenges, the amazing creators around me, coffee, and house plants.


design co-director @ Women in Computing at Cornell

co-leading Intro to Digital Product Design

community centered design @ Cornell AppDev

side hustles

embroidered goods and upcycled fashion @ softstitchdesign on Instagram and SoftStitchByCindy on Etsy

more soon πŸ‘€

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