Night Bite is a desktop action strategy game.


Spring 2020

My Contribution

Design lead

Visual art


UI design





Project lead: Alicia Wang

Designers: Cindy Huang, Emily Kam, Emily Leng

Programmers: Oliver Leung, Yuna Shin, Attilus Leung, Jia Jiunn Ang

About the game

Help Lin race through a bustling night market, swerve around obstacles, and whack away rival stall owners all while collecting ingredients for their stall before the market closes.

This game was entirely student made for CS/INFO 3152 as part of the Game Design Initiative at Cornell. Through the hours of Zoom calls, sprints, critiques, and presentations, I learned so much about digital art, motion design, leading a team of designers, and gameplay.

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Selected artwork

Level select screen

Mockup of level selector UI

Tutorial animation

Tutorial animation introducing how to play

Tutorial animation

Tutorial animation introducing new enemies

Background tiles

Environment background tiles and color schemes

Level designs

4 out of 15 Level designs